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November 23, 2009

Traveling to Maui on a Budget has some important things to consider if you are to have a memorable vacation.

While Hawaii is the 50th state, traveling there can present some new and unique situations.

First, it’s a long trip to Maui. Plan on traveling about 5 hours from California and a little more from the Northwestern states to get there. It is about 10 hours travel time from Chicago and about 13 hours from the East Coast of the mainland. All of this, if you have outstanding connections for your air travel.

For most of the year the time difference between Hawaii and the midwest is 5 hours. That means that when it is 9:00 PM on Maui, it is 2:00 AM the next day in Chicago. At that same time it is 3:00 AM on the East coast.

Your body time will stay on your home time for a couple of days after you get to the island. It may be 7:00 PM, and dinner time on Maui, but if you are from Cleveland, your body time will be telling you that it is 1:00 AM and you will feel really tired if you normally retire at say, 10:30 at home. On the other hand, usually the first morning on the island you may be wide awake at 4:00 in the morning, Maui time. Again your body is telling you that it is 10:00 AM if you are from Norfolk, VA.

It takes a couple of days for your body to adjust to the time difference, but is can be disconcerting.

Another thing that you will find on Maui is that some of the stories of how expensive things are in Hawaii are true. Remember, with a few exceptions, virtually everything must be imported to Hawaii, mostly by ocean barge. That adds to the cost of most items. In general grocery items will be about 25% – 30% above the prices on the mainland.

Similarly eating out can be an expensive prospect if you have a small group and you don’t plan your activities carefully. For the most part lunch can be obtained at local restaurants at reasonable prices. Hawaii is famous for “plate lunches”. Dinner on the other hand can be considerably more expensive.

A visit to Maui will be an adventure to remember.  The sights, sound of the ocean, the smell of fragrant tropical blossoms will stay with you for the rest of your life.  That is probably the most important thing that you will get from “Magical Maui”.

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